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    Topmaker Information and Science Technology Ltd. is a high and new technology company which is focusing on the robot rearching and manufacturing. With our capacility of this area, we also provide relative training program. Our traing classroom is equipped with mass experiment materials and serviced by the best engineers.  

Purpose of Course

    Our training program will prepare individuals with well-rouned intrduction of any robotic device, and also to deliver and demonstrates concepts such as software and hardware components of a sensors/actuators/motors, control of microprocessor, and the challenge of robotic design.  

Course Objective

     1. To understand the concepts of robotic design
   2. To gain practice in making robotic devivce
   3. To learn the basic software/mechanical/electrical design
   4. To improve communication skills of public through technology

Course Materials

    Your training documentation includes simulation exercise materials and a Participant Guide. Hardware and software include one computer per participant.  


    Contact us now to know more detials or you can enroll online.  
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